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Arise Partnership

Want to work from HOME?

Be your own BOSS?

Make your own schedule and hours!

Work when you want to work!

Generate extra FUNDS!

Help a corporation become a million dollar
company that supports young parent!

Arise is a partnership with OHRC that guarantees parents and the community work opportunities with various clients in the customer services arena.

​Want to work from HOME? Be your own BOSS?

Make your own HOURS?

OHRCNC with ARISE.COM is the place for you. Click on Become a Client. Follow all necessary steps to create a profile and began your journey to be a Client Support Professional (customer service representative). 

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW...before you began.

1.  It is a very lengthy process (CSP Training, background checks, fortune 500 company Training) before revenue is generated.
So do NOT quit your day job just yet!!!!

2. There will be upfront cost (background check, training course, laptop/PC,  landline phone, headset). Cost of training will depend on which Fortune 500 company client you choose to serve. Length of training depends on the which client you choose. 

Interested in Becoming an Independent Business Owner?
Join our team! Send us a brief message. Company ID 78383
IBO & CSP: Tameka Brown
"I began my profile for Arise mid April. The process (background check, drug test) took about 2 to 3 weeks. I started my training course for my client May 2, 2016! I started generating funds June 7, 2016."